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Cultural Change:

Meet Tanya Jones,
CEO and Founder of 
Interactive Advocacy


From Trauma to Triumph

Tanya Jones's story is one of resilience, strength, and unwavering determination. Her journey from trauma to triumph began with isolation, but it was in that solitude that Tanya discovered the power of creative expression. Through art, writing, and storytelling, she found her voice and transformed her pain into a catalyst for change. As an Army veteran, Tanya's experiences have shaped her perspective and fueled her passion for making a difference.

A Beacon of Hope: The Colors that Define Interactive Advocacy

The colors selected for the Interactive Advocacy logo hold deep meaning and visually represent Tanya's triumphant spirit. Each color represents a battle she has fought and overcome. For example, Teal signifies sexual assault,  purple represents domestic violence, yellow symbolizes suicide prevention, and green embodies mental health. These colors tell her story of survival, resilience, and the transformative power of art and creative expression.

A Seasoned Expert in Violence Prevention

Tanya Jones is a highly regarded advocate and expert in violence prevention with over 20 years of experience. Throughout her distinguished career, she has held influential positions within the Department of Defense and the U.S. armed forces, including roles as an Assistant Adjudicator, Assistant Inspector General, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, senior-level Special Emphasis Program Manager, Equal Opportunity Program Manager, EEO, and D&I specialist. She has also served as a legislative Assistant at the M.D. General Assembly.


Tanya's exceptional contributions have garnered recognition and prestigious awards, demonstrating her dedication to Advocacy and her outstanding achievements. She was named the 2022 Honoree of the Chase Your Dreams Human Trafficking Awareness Award of Distinction presented by Nissi Network and the Women of AT&T. Additionally, the Houston Community College Board of Trustees honored her with a certificate of recognition as a Humanitarian Honoree for her extraordinary efforts in human trafficking advocacy and humanitarian endeavors.


In addition to her impactful work, Tanya actively participates in various organizations, playing a pivotal role in driving positive change. She serves as the Elected Board Board Member and Chair of Diversity and Inclusivity for the National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA) and the advisory board Chair for the Charlotte region of N.C. Veterans Business Association (NCVETBZ) and a collaborative partner and member of the annual Hawaii International Summit Planning Committee for the Institute of Violence Abuse and Trauma (IVAT).


With her extensive expertise, remarkable achievements, and active involvement in important organizations, Tanya has profoundly impacted both organizations and individuals. She has established herself as a respected leader in her field, earning the admiration and trust of those she serves. Tanya's unwavering commitment to violence prevention and her passionate Advocacy for victims of human trafficking have solidified her reputation as an influential force for change in the field of Advocacy and social justice.

Interactive Advocacy: Redefining Training Through Storytelling

Tanya has revolutionized the approach to violence prevention training. Her company blends storytelling, lived experiences, drama, comedy, and audience engagement to create a training experience beyond traditional methods. Tanya's powerful storytelling, rooted in her own personal journey, captivates hearts and minds, challenging preconceived notions and inspiring individuals to Actively Create Transformation (A.C.T.). By integrating performance art: writing and storytelling lived experiences into her training, Tanya empowers others to break the cycle of violence and create a culture of empathy and understanding. Tanya has trained over 50 thousand individuals. 

Beyond Training: A Voice for Social Justice

Tanya's impact extends far beyond the training room. She is a published author, an internationally recognized speaker, and a tireless advocate for social justice. Through her compelling presentations, Tanya sparks conversations, shifts perspectives, and ignites change. Her words resonate deeply with audiences, leaving a lasting imprint on their hearts and minds. Tanya's dedication to supporting sexual violence victims and her commitment to social justice has made her an influential figure in the movement.

Inspiring Transformation
From Survivor to Thriver

Tanya is not just a survivor; she is a thriver. Her personal journey, shaped by her military experiences, is a testament to the power of resilience and self-discovery. With her inspiring story and unwavering passion, Tanya empowers others to rise above their circumstances and Actively Create Transformation (A.C.T.). She believes in the innate potential of every individual to make a difference, and she urges others to join her in creating a world where violence has no place.



"Embrace your power to empower change through engaging Advocacy. Ignite inspiration, fuel action, and transform perspectives. Together, we create a world where every voice is heard." "Empower. Engage. Advocate."



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Women's stories can transform lives. We break free from silence, speaking our truths without hesitation. With courage, we share our journeys of pain and joy, embracing vulnerability as Sisters in Arms.
These stories reflect our paths and the strength we find together. Through our words, we connect, empower, and inspire change. In this sisterhood, we discover the best versions of ourselves. These stories belong to us, to you, and to every woman who seeks connection and support.
Welcome to My Sister-Your Sister, where the power of storytelling unites us all.

Passion Ignited

Tanya's Journey to Empower Through Training Tools

Embark on a passionate journey with Tanya Jones, the CEO of Interactive Advocacy, as she creates a training tool series called "THIS IS NOT A GAME." 


Breaking the Mold

Revolutionizing Engagement in Critical Topics

This series is designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and engagement, making it suitable for any learning environment or use at home with families. With a vision to revolutionize the way people engage with critical topics, Tanya's innovative and interactive training methods have the power to transform education.


Inspiration Strikes

From Office Tools to Game-Changing Questions

Tanya's inspiration struck while crafting and utilizing training tools in her office. A thought-provoking question presented by a friend ignited her deep reflection on her path in the world of Advocacy. Driven and determined to make a more significant impact, she embarked on a journey of innovation with a mission to reach a broader audience and create meaningful change.


A Proud Moment

Witnessing the Birth of "This Is Not A Game™"

During a national conference, Tanya's vision manifested into a reality. A gentleman approached her table, filled with joy as he witnessed the birth of "This Is Not A Game™." Fondly reminiscing about attending one of Tanya's previous training, he expressed his pride in seeing the tool she had used for his training years earlier now transformed into a widely accessible resource, impacting the masses.


Fun with Purpose

Infusing Learning with Interactivity

With the creation of the HOT TOPIC© Training tools, Tanya aimed to break free from traditional methods and infuse learning with fun and interactivity. 


Real-World Impact

Tackling Complex Topics Head-On

Recognizing the seriousness of the subject matter, she emphasized that these tools were not mere games. They incorporated real-world scenarios, addressing complex topics such as sexual assault, harassment, consent, resiliency, diversity, and more.


The Power of Storytelling

Bold, Thought-Provoking, and Impactful

Fuelled by her belief in the power of storytelling and inclusive conversations, Tanya meticulously designed the training tools to be bold, thought-provoking, and impactful. They encouraged critical thinking, problem-solving and facilitated meaningful dialogue, creating deep connections and fostering personal growth within participants.


Guided by Experience

Empowering Victims of Trauma

Drawing from her personal experience with trauma and over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Tanya always sought innovative and impactful ways to engage her audience. Guided by theory-driven psychodramatic techniques, her training tools provided education, support, and empowerment for trauma victims.


Advocacy in Action

 Promoting Prevention, Awareness, Tolerance, and Equality

Tanya's passion for awareness, tolerance, and equality permeated her professional and personal life. With degrees in Political Science, Human Rights, and Genocide, she dedicated herself to promoting diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and equal opportunity. 


A Vision for Change

Open Conversations and Cultural Shifts

Tanya firmly believed that open and inclusive conversations were essential for building effective relationships and driving cultural change.


Transformative Journeys

Challenging Norms, Igniting Dialogue, and Making an Impact

Through the transformative journey of "THIS IS NOT A GAME™," Tanya aimed to challenge societal norms, ignite dialogue, and create a world where awareness, tolerance, and equality flourished. With her tools in hand, she invited others to join her in making a meaningful impact in the field of Advocacy. Together, they could shape a brighter future for all.

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