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Personalized Video Messages: Unleash the Power of Print and Video


These revolutionary marketing tools blend the tactile experience of print with the captivating power of video. With customizable screen sizes, memory options, and button configurations, our PSA Boxes offer a unique branded experience that sets your message apart.


Basic Package: PSA Boxes with Customer Video

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50 PSA Boxes

  • Custom Graphic Design

  • Easily change MP4 and video files

  • MP4 and video files up to 10 minutes

  • Two Screen size options: 2.5" (Pocket Size) or 5" (Flyer Size)

  • Multiple memory configurations from 256 Mb to 4 Gb

  • High-quality speakers for clear audio delivery

  • USB port for easy recharging and video content updates

  • Customizable buttons and dual-function buttons with a video progress bar

  • Landscape or portrait orientation, with custom sizes available

  • Glossy or matte stock, with optional special printing techniques

  • Softcover and hardcover options for a premium look and feel

Production Package: Content Creation

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50 PSA Boxes


1 Video

  • 1 Script: Our expert team will create a script tailored to your content and target audience in collaboration with our partners

  • 1 Video: Featuring IA actors and Collaborative partners staff as extras

  • Videos will include:

    • Web compressions of the video

    • High-resolution masters of the video

Video Production Requirements INCLUDING:


  • Production management

  • Creative direction

  • Location scouting

  • Casting

  • Art direction and props purchasing

  • Wardrobe purchasing

  • Equipment prep


  • Shooting on location, including travel time for key crew members

  • Professional crew, varying in size based on package selection

  • HD/4K package with two cameras, drone, Ronin Steadicam, slider, and necessary support and lenses

  • Lighting and grip truck

  • Sound equipment

  • HD monitors

  • Laptop and hard drives for footage archiving

  • Props and wardrobe

  • Location expenses

  • Talent, including up to 2 leading actors and up to 2 featured extras

  • Production insurance


  • Post supervisor

  • Footage preparation and organization

  • Editing and revisions

  • Motion graphics

  • Color grading

  • Audio mix

  • Closed Captioning

  • Music Licensing

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