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There is always a story worth telling or remembering just as there is always a story that changed the life of the woman embedded in it. We are these women with voices that no longer welcome silence as a coat of protection, we are these women speaking without the request for permission… we speak our stories out loud. If ever you have known great pain, then you have also known great joy. It is impossible to completely celebrate or mourn what experience has never taught. We are Sisters in Arms and these words written like simple words on a page are our undressing. Our words reflect who we are individually and what we have become collectively. To share our stories is to reach out to you and have you reach back knowing we have connected, empowered, and changed. The best of who we are will always be the best we see in each other. These are our sister’s stories. My Sister-Your Sister.


Trigger Warning: Subject matter is sensitive in nature and includes topics of sexual assault.

Sisters in Arms

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