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Ignite Change, Redefine Training, Empower All.

At Interactive Advocacy, we unleash a powerful force for transformation. Through cutting-edge violence prevention training, we shatter the limits of traditional methods. Our unrivaled storytelling and captivating engagement create an unforgettable experience. Empowering individuals and communities, we catalyze profound and lasting change.



Our vision is to actively create Transformation (A.C.T©) by engaging, empowering, and transforming individuals and communities proactively to prevent violence. By equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and empathy needed, we strive to effect positive change. Through our pioneering efforts, we boldly challenge societal norms, reshape perceptions, and build a safer, more compassionate world. We ignite transformative change with groundbreaking theatrical presentations, revolutionary teachings, and innovative prevention tools. Our relentless pursuit is to dismantle all forms of oppression, fostering inclusivity and equality. We envision a world where every individual thrives, and together, we turn this vision into a captivating reality.


Joe Crumpton
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Tanya Jones

Joe Crumpton

VP Interactive Advocacy

Emily Woods

Emily Woods

Director of Talent

Jessica Jones-Saka

Jessica Jones-Saka

Chief of Curriculum | Training Development

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Ryan Cobb

Chief of Logistics

Cindy Teniente

Cindy Teniente

Marketing Manager | Edutainer

Victoria Yap

Victoria Yap

Business Manager | Edutainer  

Joshua Hernandez

Joshua Hernandez

Director of Cinematography

Rafeal Cobb 

Rafeal Cobb 

Co-Creator Awareness Vibes |

Merchandising Manager


Jamil Sykes


Meet The Team


Experience bold and impactful violence prevention training that transforms individuals and communities. At Interactive Advocacy, we offer immersive and research-driven services designed to address the multiple facets of violence, trauma, and harm. Our customized programs integrate evidence-based strategies, empowering participants to actively create transformation (A.C.T©). Through captivating theatrical training and a holistic approach, we foster a culture of prevention beyond traditional methods. Join us on this journey towards positive change and discover how our dynamic programs make a lasting impact.

Eductainers and the CEO of Interactive Advocacy on stage after performing 'NO WORDS' from the 'Don't Just Stand There© !' training series.

Full Immersive Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

A captivating training production exclusively by Interactive Advocacy. Engage in a powerful, research-driven experience targeting violence prevention through theatrical storytelling.
Bold, provocative, and impactful, this immersive training series sparks conversations about healthy relationships, challenging toxic norms, and creating a culture of prevention. Choose from various topics, including Sexual Assault Prevention, Domestic Violence, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Human Trafficking, Workplace Violence Dynamics, and more. With "Don't Just Stand There! (Series)©," we empower individuals and communities to prevent violence actively, promoting awareness, understanding, and action. Join us in building a safer and more compassionate world. Book now for a transformative training experience that makes a lasting impact on your organization. 

(Comedy, Drama)

Unveil the power of IA's Sexual Assault Prevention Theatrical Training. Witness the transformative impact of immersive performances in raising awareness and fostering prevention. Take a proactive step towards creating safer communities. Explore IA's training program and book your session now.

Full Immersive Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

Join us in the fight against sexual assault. Our live training programs provide immersive experiences that empower individuals and organizations to prevent and respond effectively to sexual assault. Let's create a culture of consent, respect, and empowerment together.

Interactive Advocacy's: Sexual Harassment Prevention Program: Stay informed about the recent updates on workplace harassment laws and regulations. Equip your employees with essential training to recognize, prevent, and report incidents of sexual harassment. Foster a culture of respect and ensure a positive work environment

Full Immersive Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

Put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace. Our live training sessions on sexual harassment prevention equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to recognize, prevent, and respond to this pervasive issue. Together, let's foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and equality.

Interactive Advocacy Domestic Violence Prevention Training: Learn about the recent updates on domestic violence laws and resources available for survivors. Raise awareness about the signs and effects of domestic violence. Equip yourself with tools to support survivors and contribute to ending domestic violence.

Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

 Break the cycle of domestic violence. Our live training sessions offer a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing domestic violence. Gain the knowledge and skills to support survivors, intervene effectively, and create safer environments for all.

Sexual Assault Prevention Theatrical Training: Empowering communities through immersive performances. Uncover the impact of sexual assault, foster understanding, and equip individuals with prevention strategies. Experience a transformative approach to education and prevention. Book our training today

Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

 Save lives with our suicide prevention training. Our live sessions provide the tools and strategies to recognize warning signs, initiate conversations, and offer support. Let's make a difference and create a community that values mental health and well-being together.

IA's Mental Health Awareness Training: Keep up with recent updates on mental health awareness campaigns and resources. Gain insights into mental health challenges and strategies for self-care. Let's create a supportive environment where everyone's mental well-being matters.

 Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

Promote mental health and foster a supportive environment. Our live training sessions enhance understanding of mental health, reduce stigma, and equip participants with practical strategies for self-care and supporting others. Let's create a world where mental health matters.

Interactive Advocacy's Human Rights Awareness Training: Advocating Equality and Justice - Human Rights Awareness Program. Stay informed about recent human rights issues and global developments. Empower individuals to promote equality and justice in their communities. Join IA in creating a world where human rights are respected. Book Your training today!

 Theatrical Performance-Based Training 

Champion human rights and create a more equitable world. Our live training sessions on human rights awareness empower individuals and organizations to understand, uphold, and promote all people's fundamental rights and dignity. Together, let's take action to ensure equality, justice, and respect for every individual.

Elevate your event with our Speaker Request form at Interactive Advocacy. From captivating keynotes to engaging workshops, discover expert speakers who will inspire, educate, and empower your audience. Submit your request today and unlock a world of impactful presentations

Keynote Speaker | Panelist | Moderator | Facilitator 

Our team currently features qualified keynote speakers, moderators, and panelists with experience as advocates and survivors of trauma. 


In order to request an IA speaker for your event, please complete the form below at least six weeks in advance of your event, and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. At this time, we are accepting pro-bono engagements. Submission of the following form does not constitute a booking: due to the national distribution of our team, travel & time constraints may render us unable to provide a speaker to your event at this time, though we hope to work with you in the future. 



IA Film Production w/CAP


Houston, TX

Oct 24, 2023

Keynote Speaker (Tanya Jones)  


Rockville, MD

Nov 6-9, 2023

AWHPI Global Foundation

Women Economic Development Global Summit

Speaker & Honoree

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Nov 15-16, 2023

Don't Just Stand There!(Healthy Relationships)

MCCS Panel Discussion

Albany, GA 


Dec 6-7, 2023

Don't Just Stand There!© 

Sexual Assault Prevention


Fort Liberty, NC

Dec 19-21, 2023 

Don't Just Stand There!© 

Sexual Assault Prevention


Albany, GA 



"Phenomenal training today. Loved the interactive part of the training; kept us engaged the entire time. Loved the training! Great job!!" 

S. Dejesues


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"Creating art is a profoundly human practice that gives healing a tangible form"

- Tanya O. Jones

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