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EmpowerCare Advocate Kit is a comprehensive bundle designed to support and empower Victim Advocates and leaders on the go. This curated collection combines comfort, advocacy tools, and awareness essentials to enhance training efforts and foster impactful conversations.



  • ComfyRoll FleeceMates (25): Unwind in warmth and comfort with our ComfyRoll Fleece Blankets. Perfect for self-care or sharing warmth during training sessions.  (Color Options: Fresh Green, Classic Black, Regal Purple, Sleek Grey, Tranquil Blue, Vibrant Red)
  • Black Box Conversation Starters (5): The Black Box is a collection of thought-provoking conversation starter cards designed to facilitate meaningful discussions and deepen connections.
  • Advocate Hoodies (5): Show your commitment to advocacy with our Advocate Hoodies, a symbol of unity and dedication to supporting others.
  • Black Awareness Go Bags (5): Stay prepared and organized with our Black Awareness Go Bags, equipped with pockets for essentials and a reminder of the importance of advocacy on the go.

Key Features:

  • Empower your advocacy efforts with a versatile bundle.
  • Share warmth and comfort with 25 ComfyRoll Fleece Blankets.
  • Spark impactful conversations with the Black Box Conversation Starters.
  • Represent your commitment with Advocate Hoodies.
  • Stay organized and ready with Black Awareness Go Bags.


Ideal For:

This kit is tailored for Victim Advocates, leaders, and trainers who are constantly on the move, offering a blend of comfort, tools, and awareness items to support their training initiatives.


Bundle Price:

EmpowerCare Advocate Kit is available for a special price of $1500.00, providing a cost-effective solution for those dedicated to making a difference.


Empower your advocacy journey with the EmpowerCare Advocate Kit — because every action, conversation, and moment of comfort contributes to a brighter, more compassionate world.

Empower Care Advocate Kit | InteractiveAdvocacy

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