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"Walk It Like You Talk It" training series, designed to transform organizational cultures and empower individuals to address critical workplace issues. This series of five immersive, theatrically-based trainings tackles the most pressing challenges facing modern organizations, from sexual assault prevention to leadership in crisis.


Each training in the series utilizes our unique blend of powerful narratives, interactive scenarios, and evidence-based methodologies to create lasting change. By engaging participants on both emotional and intellectual levels, we go beyond traditional training approaches to inspire real action and cultural shifts.



Our "Walk It Like You Talk It" series includes:


  • "Breaking the Silence": A comprehensive approach to sexual assault prevention, including male victimization.
  • "Respect in Action": An immersive experience combating sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • "Emotional Intelligence": Exploring the crucial link between emotional intelligence and mental wellness.
  • "Hope Restored": A sensitive yet powerful program on suicide awareness and prevention.
  • "Leading with Empathy:" Equipping leaders to support their teams through crises and sensitive issues.


Each training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, whether you're in government, military, or corporate sectors. By investing in the "Walk It Like You Talk It" series, you're not just checking boxes – you're making a commitment to creating a safer, more inclusive, and more supportive environment for all.


Transform your organization's approach to these critical issues. Walk the talk with Interactive Advocacy.


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