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LET'S TALK ABOUT IT (Healthy Relationships)


An immersive and interactive training tool that caters to generational shifts in the workplace.  TINGO™ LET'S TALK ABOUT IT (Healthy Relationships) taps into different aspects of human emotion, including competition and reward, while mirroring real-life experiences. 


This Training tool addresses healthy relationships in a fun and informative way. Requires active group participation. The first person to say TINGO wins!


Interactive Advocacy THIS IS NOT A GAME™ series provides a safe environment for making mistakes when navigating toxic behaviors by offering an environment where the learner can experiment and make decisions.


TINGO™ LET'S TALK ABOUT IT (Healthy Relationships)

    • 16 TINGO LET'S TALK ABOUT IT CARDS (Healthy Relationships)
    • 100 TINGO CHIPS
    • 5 Sets of Challenge Cards 
    • Let's Talk About It Healthy Relationship Worksheet 
    • Let's Talk About It Healthy Relationship digital download PPT


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