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Charleson Gaines

Charlson Gaines is a best-selling author, international speaker, educator, and retired US Air Force disabled veteran who has earned Master’s degrees in both Health Psychology/ Behavioral Medicine and Medicine Project Management. His seminars and workshops go beyond providing information and inspiration.  Charleston Gaines provides the “how-to” that truly need to elevate their happiness through daily practice, empowering them to change their lives. Happiness is not just the sense of misery. Mr. Gaines a DoD Master Resilience Trainer and Certified Trauma Professional connect his audiences with the power within them to sincerely love themselves, feel whole again, and live life as they desire and deserve. 


Orvie B. Baker

Orvie B. Baker, Jr. is a Chicago Native who moved to Louisiana at an early age and has been traveling ever since. Mr. Baker joined the Army immediately after High School, attending Basic Training in South Carolina; Army Individual Training and Airborne Training in Georgia; then serving at his first duty station at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Mr. Baker’s enlistment offered multiple overseas experiences, including: Germany, Spain, England, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iraq. In 2003, he attended the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) and became an Army Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA). In 2005, Mr. Baker deployed to Iraq as an EOA and, upon his return, transitioned to an Instructor at DEOMI. After twenty years in uniform, Mr. Baker was back in front of troops, in a civilian- capacity, as a Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP) Instructor working to certify Victim Advocates and Sexual Assault Response Coordinators for the Army. In his most recent position, Mr. Baker served as an Educator and Presenter for Catharsis Productions where he co-presented “Got Your Back”, a 90-minute interactive SHARP presentation. From 2014 to 2016 he conducted training the world over from the United States to Japan and areas in between. Mr. Baker served as the 127th Wing Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager at Selfridge from 2017 to 2019 and represented the organization both on and off Base. He was instrumental withstanding up the 127th Wing Airmen Wellness Center.

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Dr. Andwoa Akhu

Dr. Akhu is a licensed clinical psychologist, acclaimed author and renowned workshop facilitator, and a former president of the New York Association of Black Psychologists. Dr. Akhu specializes in stress management through self-care. Dr. Akhu has been in private practice for over twenty years and is currently an adjunct professor in the counseling master’s program at NYU. She is a trainer for the NYPD Hostage Negotiator Team, and the author of eight self-help books, the latest is Cultivating Inner Peace: A Sustainable System for the Professional Black Women. For more information visit

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Annemarie du LeBohn

Annemarie du LeBohn is an Ironman athlete who advocates a healthy Mind, body, and business…She has spoken around the United States and on a TED stage Magazines that feature her story include USA Triathlon, Toastmasters International, and INC. Annemarie’s success has been acknowledge by SCORE, AARP, PEMO Asset Management, DGWB Advertising, National Assoc of Real Estate Broker, Women in Diversified Services, and Women in Business. Her speaking career began after racing Ironman, the world’s toughest endurance sport. She used that race to develop a peaceful and powerful mindset, and to help calm PTSD; a side effect from a stalker and rapist. During 9-5, Annemarie is a communication strategist. She helps business leaders brand their values through project management, business develop, social media, and community engagement campaigns. The key to her success ... resiliency. Resiliency helped her cross the Ironman finish line. Resiliency built confidence when society said, Don’t talk about that. Don’t do that. You can’t do that. Resiliency helped her manage corporate sponsorship for Disney’s MLB Angels and NHL Ducks. Now Annemarie’s purpose is to help people develop that resilient, peaceful, powerful mindset. She shares tools and tips learned from Ironman racing via speeches, workshops, interviews, blogs, and social media.

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Dr. Nissi Hamilton

Hamilton, an award-winning Human Trafficking Expert, Activist, and Survivor with five years of experience and a multicultural background committed to encouraging diversity & inclusion and making a difference in the decriminalization of human trafficking, poverty, and homelessness with minors. She became a landmark achiever as she led the nation's first political campaign against human trafficking as a survivor. Nissi is a wife, a doctoral learner, a Veteran, a comedian, a survivor of human trafficking, and a mother of seven.  Her mission is to raise awareness in fence-lined communities and give young African American girls and women a safe space to practice reporting and lead them to safety. She has a strong relationship with her impact partner, Crime Stoppers of Houston! Nissi's and Crime Stopper's of Houston's unprecedented relationship has allowed her to teach and train both her community and elite business professionals in anti-human trafficking practices. To date, Dr. Nissi has trained well over 16,000 community activists, business professionals, law enforcement agencies, and other non-profits.  Missouri City Council Member District C Anthony Maroulis declared Dr. Nissi's freedom from slavery on January 21, 2020. The council members inside the chambers and her family celebrated her survival of human trafficking as a black woman. She is a weapon against human trafficking in all communities. Nissi owns and operates her food pantry, where she serves 2000+ residents a month! Her social enterprise has allowed her to work with billionaire Attorney Tony Buzbee and "The Real TV Show Host," Jeanie Mai with the up-and-coming movie "Stopping Traffick 2."


Ananda Ray

Social injustice plays a considerable role in all I do today; my past experiences have motivated me to be the person I am today. The topic is something I take very seriously because it’s a real problem in society today. I want everyone to have a chance to use their voices, tell their stories, or even do whatever comes to mind to make them more aware. I always use art, whether it is makeup, modeling, or even painting, to show emotion, raise awareness about something, or even try to pull in an audience in a creative way. Using art to create awareness is so important to me because not only do you create something that people find beautiful or intriguing, but it also makes people think deeper about the meaning of why I did what I did, and that’s the whole point. I know I have influenced so many people I have met along the way. I enjoy ways that I can create something fun while also having a serious conversation. I want to be a voice for those who feel like society has taken theirs away from them.