• HOT TOPIC ISB Toolkit

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    HOT TOPIC is a high impact interactive training tool series that address complex awareness issues.


    The HOT TOPIC, Don't Just Stand There! series offers scenario-based learning (SBL), using interactive scenarios to support learning strategies. Users resolve complex and sometimes uncomfortable storylines using problem solving, critical thinking, and subject knowledge; this is done in a safe training environment.


    Our workbooks provide real world context in areas such as sexual assault, bystander intervention, resilency, healthy relationships, bullying and so much more!


    Trigger Warning: Subject matter is sensitive in nature and includes topics of sexual assault.

    • Whats Included

      • 90 minute Facilitator Guide
      • 1 Student Workbook
      • HOT TOPIC ISB Training Ball
      • HOT TOPIC recordable buzzer and box
      • HOT TOPIC Hourglass
      • 96 HOT TOPIC Chips
      • 1 mini HOT TOPIC Statistics Card
      • Instruction Manual
      • 1 HOT TOPIC Sling Bag

    At Interactive Advocacy (IA) we use interactive performance based (IPB) theater, both scripted and impromptu sessions, in an effort to engage our audience and foster dialogue; to implement solutions that create a culture of care.

    "Cultural change is a collective effort that requires progressive movement, and not just mandate"
     - Tanya O. Jones
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