"I’ve stretched the fabric of

my awareness to include myself in its threads"

- Tanya O. Jones

With over twenty years of experience developing and providing training in Equal Opportunity (EO), sexual harassment/assault awareness, and diversity and inclusion, Tanya O. Jones is a seasoned and dynamic training and awareness professional. Tanya has always been a passionate advocate for Prevention, Awareness, Tolerance, and Equality (PATE). She has dedicated her professional life to creating and promoting strategies and tools to bring about awareness on how to achieve cultural change that includes diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and equal opportunity. She brings this passion into all areas of her life and to all projects she spearheads. Her belief that bold, inclusive conversation is key to having effective professional relationships keeps communication open in an organization.

As a veteran, Tanya understands that a mission's accomplishments include leveraging a diverse workforce, are an essential strategy that allows leaders to recruit and retain key personnel.

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Utilizing the skills and strengths picked up from her two decades of experience with the U.S. federal government, Tanya has amassed over a dozen certifications in critical awareness, tolerance, and equality programs. Some of the certifications that Tanya holds are in Equal Employment Opportunity mediation, Equal Opportunity advisement, Special Emphasis Program management, Disability Awareness Program management, and sexual assault, victim, medical and legal Advocacy. As a former Department of the Army Assistant Inspector general, Tanya recognizes the importance of listening to individual voices to resolve conflicts and promote cohesive inclusion in organizations. Interactive Advocacy gives those voices volume.


Tanya has mastered the ability to balance her personal life with her professional responsibilities. She views life through a more transparent lens, sees the power of every voice, and recognizes the responsibility of stepping up to the podium to be a change agent.

Her bold approach to theatrical prevention training, responsive bystander intervention, and her love for bringing awareness to the importance of tolerance, inclusion, and intervention have manifested themselves in her passion-felt journey to advocate continually for those disenfranchised by imposed societal restrictions.  Ms. Jones is also an Elected Member of the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) Board of Directors.

IA reinvigorates the drive for awareness, tolerance, and equality in a society that struggles to move forward as a whole, where we are all treated equally and fairly!