Interactive performance

Interactive Advocacy recognizes that when participants are engaged with the characters in conflict during the sessions and take part in the subsequent dialogue where issues are processed, individuals are more likely to change personal attitudes and behaviors.


IA offers programs that uniquely address a variety of conflicts that impact our working communities. We create custom performances that will explore specific issues within your organization. IA has created performances based on the following issues: 

    Sexual Assault
⦁    Sexual Harassment
⦁    Active Bystander Intervention
⦁    Social Justice
⦁    The -Isms (sexism, racism, etc.)
⦁    Healthy Relationships
⦁    Creating A Culture Of Care
⦁    Resiliency & Recovery
⦁    Unconscious Bias
⦁    Discrimination & Power

⦁    Effects of Perceptual Filters


IA creates scripts unique to your organization, based off research literature and focus groups.  Our comprehensive team is made up of awareness specialists that have worked in the field of advocacy for over two decades.  We offer highly realistic and compelling performances to create an abundance of participation dialogue and solutions.


IA Diverse facilitators and actors offer a multitude of thought-provoking performances. Our performances begin with facilitator-lead explanations, consist of audience-engaging scripted or improvised real-world situation simulations, and end with a learned/knowledgeable audience equipped with the tools and know-how to create a culture of care in the workplace.  


  • Highly qualified and credentialed victim advocates and equal employment oppotunity professionals 

  • Knowledgeable on the effects of substance use, retaliation, male victimization, suicide and prevention

  • knowledgeable of all DoD Sexual Assault Initiatives