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Organizational change is a continuous systemic process of transformation of an organization's perceptions, behaviors, products, services, and its identity. These changes occur through formal and informal system wide policy changes. Formal communication, formal training and staff development ensure organizations continued efforts to success, and organizational change. Informal change also occurs constantly through informal communication, and unwritten rules that govern daily practices and behaviors; when these changes occur, the organizational change can be noticed right away, by those who are a part of the organization. 


When initiating organizational diversity, both formal and informal, it is imperative to remember and implement changes to meet and organize goals for diversity so that it is sustainable. The diversity initiatives should take into consideration all factors that specifically concern the organization, whether formal or informal, and monitor all those initiatives consistently to ensure that they are meeting the organization's goals for diversity and inclusion.  


A diverse and inclusive organization provides opportunities for employees of all ages, race, gender, and religious background, they provide more creative solutions to problems, attract and retain multifaceted talent, as well as builds synergy among teams. 


IA's aim, when working with your organization, is to provide real world training solutions, towards best business practices.  When it comes to hiring and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce, applying Interactive Advocacy's diversity and inclusion management strategies will propel your organization locally, and globally.  We recognize that both organizational change, and cultural change, are collective efforts that requires progressive movement, and not just mandate.

At Interactive Advocacy (IA) we use interactive performance based (IPB) theater, both scripted and impromptu sessions, in an effort to engage our audience and foster dialogue; to implement solutions that create a culture of care.

"Cultural change is a collective effort that requires progressive movement, and not just mandate"
 - Tanya O. Jones
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